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At Fluent, we’re committed to helping you make a real impact on your spoken English fluency. We’ll support you all the way, but your experience, opinions and approach are also a crucial part of the course.

To be successful on a Fluent course you need to be able to give 7-8 hours per week, have an Upper-Intermediate/Advanced level English knowledge (view list) and be over 18. You’ll also need to be committed, organised, collaborative and ready to get out of your comfort zone.

Does that sound like you? Ready to get started?

Complete the application below and we’ll help you decide if Fluent is right for you.

The application has two parts:

  1. Complete the Application Form
  2. Record a short video and tell us a little bit about yourself.

Making an application is completely free and without any obligation.

Part 1: Application Form

Please fill out the following form and then click “Submit”

  • Any exams (with grade) or courses you've completed, or your own estimate.
  • If you're not sure, enter "Don't Know"
  • Anti-spam

Part 2: Video

Click on the red button below, follow the instructions and record a short video (about 2 to 3 minutes long). 

Don’t worry about making mistakes, pauses or hesitations. It doesn’t need to be perfect.

  • Tell us your name
  • Answer 4 of the following questions in English in your video recording:
    • What do you do? Are you employed? Are you a student?
    • Where and how did you learn English until now?
    • Why do you want to improve your spoken English fluency?
    • Have you taken an on-line course before (not just English)? How was it?
    • Can you tell us about any experiences you’ve had that demonstrate your commitment to your own personal development?
    • Can you tell us any experiences you’ve had that demonstrate your ability to collaborate and work with other people?

The video will not be made public and will not be seen by anyone excet Fluent management. It will not be used for any pupose other than as part of this application.

After you’ve completed the application, we’ll review it within 48 hours and get back to you to discuss the next steps.

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A new cohort starts January 2020. Contact us for more information.